About us

The Online Media is the future and IAspire Radio is the radio station of the future. Information, Education, Empowerment and Entertainment is delivered to you with ease and convenience at the touch of a button. Just click and listen.
You will find programs that virtually address every aspect of life just about anything that interest you – and if you don’t, email us at info@iaspireradio.com. We’ll do our best to create a new show for the niche that drives your listening. Step into the future of Online Talk Radio.


"To create a new generation of purpose driven leaders and help people achieve a life of dignity and aspirations"


"To Motivate and inspire the Younger generations and give hope to those who have been denied access to resources by producing ethical, creative and responsible radio programmes that encourages dignity, identity, promote social responsibility and intrigue critical thinking".


Iaspire Radio is an online Radio Station; Nigeria's first Motivational Radio Station - The Voice of Reawakening. It is a call to rebirth, to a reawakening of hidden or dead potentials, dreams or talents with our array of motivational and inspiring programmes. Our content is devoid of any vulgarity or profanity. Neither is any explicit or X-rated songs and language featured. It is a Family Friendly Radio Station designed to build up, exhort and uplift while providing wholesome entertainment.

IAspire Radio activities can be divided into four areas:
  • Broadcasting
  • Enterprise Development Programmes
  • Motivational Programmes
  • Human Potential Development



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